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Why Do I Need a Consultant?

The world of college admissions has become increasingly complex in the last 25 years. Students used to attend whatever college was within a couple hours' drive from their home. Now, the US News rankings have increased awareness of institutions across the country, encouraging colleges to compete for applicants both nationally and internationally. At the same time, the advent of the Common Application has made it that much easier for students to apply to these far-flung institutions. Colleges with so many more applicants have increased their application requirements and found that they can be pickier about which students they choose to admit.

With so much information (both reliable and more suspect) flowing through the internet and shelf after shelf of books, it can be difficult even to choose where to apply. A consultant can highlight, organize and fact-check information that is relevant for each particular student. As for the admissions process: Some applicants are under the false impression that every Common App college is looking for the same thing. On the contrary, successful applicants tailor the package they send to each college, to present themselves as the type of student that school is seeking. A knowledgeable consultant can provide insight into what admissions officers are looking for when they read an application.

Some students and their families have the time and desire to undertake this process by themselves. For others, using a consultant can help them put their best foot forward. The experience, specialized knowledge and professional network that a consultant offers cannot be matched by even the most diligent students and parents.

If you are ready to engage a guide to help you through this complex process, give me a call at 847-660-8625, or click "Contact Me" for a free consultation.

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