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My Concierge Service can be tailored to the needs of each student and family.

Many public schools start college advising in the spring of junior year.  This may fit with their educational timeline, but it is a poor choice for students taking a strategic approach to finding their best-fit college.  Learning about yourself, learning about colleges, and preparing the most effective applications all take time.  The earlier the student begins (8th or 9th grade is typical) the more effective the planning can be.

Working with Betsy

I begin each engagement with a two-hour meeting involving the student and at least one parent.  After that, I tailor a schedule based  on each student's situation, to accomplish the necessary tasks in the right order and in a timely manner.  Freshmen and

Stack of college books and a pen in a grassy campus quad

sophomores focus on identifying and developing their interests in concrete ways, through school clubs, summer programs, jobs, and their own projects.  At the same time, I make sure their high school courses are supporting those growing capabilities.  Juniors complete their testing and research colleges, along with deepening their commitment to their chosen activities.  Fall of senior year, with a final college list in hand and testing and essays completed, we turn to filling out applications and taking the last steps as they make their best case for admission.


While I offer occasional in-person meetings in the Chicago and Boston areas, most of the time students and I will get together via video conference.  Virtual meetings allow for flexible and convenient year-round scheduling, and students easily take to this format.  The technology available through the software platform Custom College Plan and the conference call and screen-sharing program Zoom -- in addition to other cyber tools -- allows us to complete most tasks on the web.  There's little paper to misplace or leave behind.  In addition, each student's college research, requirements, deadlines and test scores remain accessible 24/7.


In my experience, most young people are happy to take ownership of the process, come to appreciate the responsibility of planning and working toward their own future, and enjoy our one-on-one meetings.  But that doesn't mean parents -- who often know their child in a unique way -- are shunted aside.  I keep parents in the loop with regular updates, especially as we make application strategy decisions in the fall, and I am always just a phone call or e-mail away.  I strictly limit the size of my practice to ensure a high-quality experience and satisfying results. 


Concierge Service

This full-service, comprehensive plan is perfect for all students looking for a personalized approach, working to put their best foot forward over the course of several years.  Without hourly restrictions, the package covers all meetings, e-mails, phone calls and off-line work for a single fee, no matter when we begin.  Offering flexibility and personal attention, this top-of-the line plan may be especially helpful for for those needing extra attention and/or seeking the greatest level of customization in developing a case for admission.  Families of gifted or more ambitious students looking to start as soon as spring of 8th grade or early high school will especially appreciate this service.  For more specifics, click the button above.

Senior Rush Service

Need help and it's already senior year?  Hoping to get assistance with a few specific tasks?  Check out these services, subject to availability, by clicking the button above.

Every engagement begins with a free consultation.

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