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A College Degree is Just the Beginning

A recent article in Inside Higher Ed talks about what a Bachelor's degree can -- and can't -- guarantee to an employer. When fewer people attended college, graduating was often seen as a ticket to management. Nowadays, "credential creep" means that hiring managers may require applicants to have a BA, even though the job itself doesn't. Unfortunately, a bachelor's degree doesn't mean what it used to, either. Many employers are resigned to having to train new workers – even those with college degrees – because what they learned in school isn’t sufficient for the workplace.

Requiring on-the-job training doesn’t have to be all bad, though. According to Inside Higher Ed, it’s often higher paid jobs that require the specialized training. “The report’s findings strongly suggest that a bachelor’s degree often is required as a starting point for a job that requires more training -- and one that pays well. So dropping out to go work for a tech company isn’t a safe bet for most students.”

Read the entire article here:

A college degree is still the best way to a successful career. If you want personalized assistance in finding the right college – and getting in – feel free to call me at 847-660-8625 or fill out the “contact me” form at the bottom of the page.


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