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How Fast Can You Listen?

Many people in the college admissions professions (such as independent consultants, test-prep tutors, and financial advisers) are taking advantage of new technology to reach their audiences in a different way -- through the ears! By recording rather than writing, experts can deliver their messages to people who may not care much for reading or simply don't have time for it. Listening to a podcast appeals to multitaskers, who might follow a presentation on a mobile device while exercising, cooking or cleaning. Successful podcasts have several characteristics in common. To hold the listener's attention, the best podcasts will be relatively short and narrowly focused -- they can't expect the audience to be taking many notes! The production values should of course be high, and additional elements like music or multiple voices will make them more appealing. My favorites are those on iTunes that allow the listener to vary the playback speed. Depending on what else I am doing at the time (and how well I can pay attention), I can listen at up to 2x the recorded rate. With that background in mind, here are a few podcasts that make the cut: For Students Three short episodes tell you what you need to know for the ACT. The College Checklist Podcast. Test prep expert Lauren Gaggioli covers many topics, but for something fun, try episode 17, "It's Kind of fun to do the Impossible." For Parents with Celeste Horton. This entire series is helpful, but I especially recommend episode 45, which goes into detail about 529 accounts., "Prep Talk", especially a recent episode called "College Admissions 101 for Mom and Dad." A round-table radio discussion with parents, students, and writer Judy Rothman, provides an entertaining overview for parents new to the admissions arena.

I keep abreast of many different sources of information. If you would like to take advantage of my experience, give me a call at 847-660-8625 or fill out the “contact me” form on this page.

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