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Stategic Admissions

The Strategic Admissions package provides a complete suite of services at one fixed price, typically beginning by fall of sophomore year.  The package provides a personalized approach to finding a college that will fit the student's needs academically and socially, including consultation, communication and on-going services throughout their high school years. 


  • Regular meetings as needed, beginning with once a semester for 10th graders and rising to once a week by fall of senior year

  • Regular parent updates

  • Personality and career assessments

  • Curriculum planning and course selection

  • Extra-curricular advice and recommendations

  • Summer activity suggestions

  • Résumé development

  • Social media courseware and review

  • College list research and formation, providing a range of colleges that match the student’s academic ability, interests and financial parameters

  • Use of a private student portal to help students manage and track important communications, dates, research, college lists, requirements and essay drafts.

  • Testing strategy (ACT, SAT, Subject tests, IB)

  • Advice on securing strong letters of recommendation

  • College visit planning, preparation and debriefing

  • Essay topic development, drafting and editing

  • Interview advice

  • Application strategy, timing and support, deadlines and timelines.

  • Evaluation of acceptances

  • One-on-one access through the entire process

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