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Why hire Wiltshire College Consulting?

Use my expert, personal assistance to devise a strategy for earning admission to the best colleges for your student.


Students and families can find the college admissions process exciting, frustrating -- and stressful.  Rely on an objective and independent advisor who can appreciate the student's unique abilities, provide clearly defined goals and help the parent remain involved but out of the line of fire.  With flexible, year-round scheduling, we can work together to reduce the stress and let your family actually enjoy this time of exploration, growth and anticipation.


It's true: applying to college requires keeping track of a lot of details.  But to stand out in an increasingly competitive applicant pool, a student needs to present a coherent story.  Understanding how the system works is the first step in planning a course of action.  I can help your student keep track of all the moving parts, while also helping to develop a bigger picture


Happy.  Successful. Thriving.  Those are the words every parent hopes to use to describe their son or daughter's experience at college.  Students who work with me examine what makes them happy, identify colleges and universities where they will find those qualities, and gain admission.  In fact, 95% of my students who have committed to an Early Decision school have earned an acceptance letter.  Those applying to Early Action and Regular Decision institutions have all received offers from at least one of their top three choices.  I work with families to achieve those results while keeping the focus where it belongs -- on gaining admission to colleges where the student will succeed and grow.

Let me help.

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